Monday, February 06, 2006

Season in Review

SEASON IN REVIEW: Considered a "Spielberg pastiche," and in my opinion one of the best shows on network TV, Surface finished the season in fashion, with a stunning season finale. From the first episode, to the last one, Surface kept its audience on their edge of their seats, begging for more each and every episode. In the season finale, Rich was locked in Iderdex, left to die. After battling a security officer, he came in possession of a phone. The director, left the audience thinking Rich was going to die, but gave hope when he calls Laura. Meanwhile, Caitlin was left on the side of the road, left to die, after her scooter was stolen by a neighbor. Miles soon realizes this, and abandons his family, while going back to his house to look for Caitlin. Soon Laura finds Rich in Iderdex and they find their way out. Looking for a way out of Wilmington, Laura and Rich decide to resort to hitchhiking. Soon comes Miles, Caitlin, and Nim, reunite and take their dads car to head to higher grounds. As the tsunami approaches, Miles and Caitlin almost hit Rich and Laura. They unite for the first time, and drive to higher grounds as the tsunami is moments away from making landfall. When their car runs out of gas, they head to a Church, and move to the roof. Along the way Rich, Laura, Miles, and Caitlin confront the new specimen, but are not harmed. After the tsunami makes landfall and passes we are left hanging, with an aerial shot of all four survivors (including Nim) surrounded by mass destruction from the tsunami. Surface, has still not been officially renewed, but NBC is going to make an official decision in May. You can read more about the potential second season, and look for new developments, in the news section of this website (Scroll down to News). Until the next season, you can continue to use this website, to post news, and enter contests with a potential of winning autographs from the stars of Surface.

What do you think is going to happen? Click on "comments" and post your theory or idea.


  • At 2:39 AM, Blogger Gina Brown said…

    what do I think will happen? I think the same thing that happened to Miles is going to happen to Rich, Laura and Katlyn and they'll be able to be friends with the big Nims as the tsunamis begin happening all over the world and the Nims start eating everyone that isn't part of their 'clan' or 'family' and although to be friends with them would save humanity from being wiped out, Rich, Laura, Miles and Katlyn will be treated as outcasts and freaks!

    I don't get the genomic stuff though! Did the scientists create them? was that their origin? or was the scientists genom project with the species a last ditch effort that would allow them to physically adopt humans as friends?

    The scientists saved samples from every life form and went way beneath the surface of the Earth to save them for later like Noah's Ark. Maybe they plan on moving dryland humanity to Mars or the Moon and allow a new race of aquatic humans to live on the Earth? Or maybe the entire human race will change and be aquatic (maybe again?)? I think more likely what's going to happen though is that strange looking flower can somehow kill them or wreck the new species' habitat, thus humanity has a weapon against them and will probably wipe out all the Nims in the end and the world will once again be safe for humankinds' tract homes, freeways and malls...

  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger christine said…

    I think similar to gina, but i supposed miles will be the "one" and laura will be the one to understand what is happening to him. She will take him to martha plimpton for help and more understanding of what is occurring. Miles will be key in the survival of humanity. I can forsee them riding a big nim into town at some point but that might be a bit much. But the group will find, as we have seen with nim, they communicate and can bond with humans, be domesticated if you will. But that sets up a conflict between humans and nature that surely humans will try to win by force, just like always, and the characters will be the ones (outcasts) who understand a) that wont work and b) there are other ways to co-exist.

    I think gina is correct that this is a plot to change the earth and humans. Noah's ark and such. But rich laura caitlin and miles especially threaten the entire plan.

    But what is this with jackson being an area rescue chief for the evil corporate empire? Huh? He's part of this all along? Maybe he's a clone....

    And who, prey tell, will be laura's love interest? Not rich, that is not happening and there is no chemistry. Jackson? Someone yet to be introduced? I hope they resist this temptation, one of the good things about this show is that there hasn;t been a love interest for laura other than her son, and she has spent remarkably little time in her bikini. For a prime time show that is an accomplishment and i commend the producers for resisting, part of what makes this a classy show.

    Any one else have opinions?

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger nimraj said…

    Season 1 finale of surface ended spectacularly. I cannot forget the scene which showed the monorail tunnel that lead to the bottom of the ocean. I think Season 2 will begin with Rich, Laura, Miles,Caitlyn and Nim trapped in the church. They will spend some time there exchanging thoughts and ideas while waiting for the water altitude to reduce. Or they will be rescued by a chopper but looking at Nim in their group the pilot might ignore them!!and they will be left stranded. Whatever it is i guess Rich and the whole group will try to get to that Iderdex facility which had the underground tunnel (once the water level reduce) as more answers about the origin of the creatures and other experiments lies beneath that facility. Who knows there might an underwater facility in the deep ocean and that's where i guess Jackson is working for Kessler as a lead scientist.

  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    BRING BACK SURFACE!!! I CRAVE IT! NBC dont make a BIG BIG mistake and not bring it back! thats all i gotta say bout that.

  • At 9:59 AM, Blogger zenobia13 said…

    I have to admit that Season One ended very well, and if we don't get another year out of it, I'll be sad, but satisfied. In some ways I think watching the future of this world, post-tsunami, and since Miles has been infected by the creatures, will be too sad. You know a lot of tragic things are going to happen before it's "over", and I'm not sure I have the heart to see it. Of course, I trust the Pate Brothers absolutely, and will watch anyting they come up with!!

  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger PSW, slave randy said…

    This is a unique show and it captures a lot of imagination and thought and ceratinly keeps my attention during the entire program and wish it was more than an hour long as i always want to see much more.

    i cannot imagine this program not going on for a long time it is too good. And i am sure if NBC does not keep it going that SCIFI will want to have it in their line up as it is popular there too.

  • At 11:43 AM, Blogger NicoleW said…

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  • At 7:00 PM, Blogger Bill said…

    Worst case scenerio!!!!!

    NBC cancels the show.

    Sci Fi will either pick it up or at least do a movie or mini-series
    that will answer all remaining questions.

  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger Marcin said…

    Nice blog. I'd like to share some episodes of "Surface" with You. You can download entire season one at (in divx format so don't worry about extension - just change it to .avi). Enjoy!

  • At 6:35 AM, Blogger Nimmy said…

    I would just really like them to bring this show back what an aweful way to end a show leaving you hooked and hanging :( PLEASE BRING IT BACK


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